Special cleaning jobs require special cleaning tools. From wood floors to shedding pets, we have you covered! Several of our available tools are featured below, but we offer many tools for many jobs. Give us a call today to discuss your cleaning needs!

Hard Floor Turbo Brush
The Hard Floor Turbo Brush uses the suction of your central vacuum system to rapidly spin the brush roller for deeper, lightweight cleaning without a belt or turbine. Plus, the super soft and durable bristles are gentle on all floor surfaces and the 10-inch wide cleaning path is great for quickly removing debris on any hard-surface flooring, textured tiles, grout lines and more! With smart technology, the Turbo Brush spins and cleans only when the brush is on a hard-surface floor, otherwise it stops spinning. Therefore, it does not work on carpets or throw rugs.


Microfiber Dust Mop
Dust and vacuum hard-surface floors at the same time! For optimum performance, the mophead was designed with a front air channel opening that maximizes airflow so that any dirt and dust trapped deep in crevices are easily lifted away, while the mophead gently dusts and polishes the flooring for a clean, shiny finish! Another convenient feature of this tool is the removable and washable mophead that simply Velcros off and can be thrown in the washer for many repeated uses! Additional mophead pads available.


CentraMop Floor Attachment
Vacuum and damp mop at the same time! CentraMop saves time by simultaneously vacuuming and damp mopping any hard-surface floor. Designed with powerful front and rear vacuum channels, separated by a microfiber cleaning pad, the CentraMop picks up debris whether pushing or pulling. Because the microfiber cleaning pad is easy to dampen, install, remove and wash, it saves money over single-use disposable sheet-type push mops. Also, the CentraMop reduces streaks on wood or laminate floors. 


Pet Set Tool Kit
A must-have tool kit for pet owners rescues your pets and home from unwanted hair! The Pet Set includes the Pet Hair and Lint Brush and Vac-N-Groom Pet Tool. The Pet Hair and Lint Brush features a self-cleaning swivel brush roller that works like magic by removing pet hair, lint and fibers from carpets, upholstery, cars, clothing and more. The Vac-N-Groom Pet Tool is designed to remove loose animal hair while vacuuming it up. It features an adjustable airflow valve for greater pet comfort, a 360-degree swivel neck for easier maneuvering and durable rubber bristles that are gentle enough for small cats and dogs but sturdy enough for larger dogs or long-haired pets.


Spider Fighter
The easy, hands-off solution for getting rid of creepy crawlers! Simply attach the Spider Fighter wands and crevice tool to your vacuum hose and pests are easily suctioned away. With over 5-feet of extended reach, you'll never have to fear bugs falling or jumping on you, or crawling out of a crumpled paper towel. Best of all, you never "feel the crunch" as you capture pests. And, you'll feel secure knowing that all vacuumed creepy crawlers are removed from your home forever, never to bother you again. Spider Fighter is also great for cleaning crown moldings, ceiling fans, draperies, tight corners, light fixtures, cobwebs and much more!